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Gamemode 1: Heroes VS Slasher ( 1 person will be a slasher, and the rest will be heroes)

Gamemode 2: Bare-bones ( Classic Before the Dawn, no repairs, no fueling, anything. Just survive. )

Gamemode 3: Expose the Facility ( You go into the facility with cameras where Project 0011-Nightfall was contained, you must stay until 3:00, and then, you must escape through the elevators. The slasher will of course, be Project 0011-Nightfall. )

Gamemode 4: Slasher Madness ( Everyone is a slasher! Kill other slashers. The last one standing wins! )

Gamemode 5: Just run. ( Every one is the slasher, simular to slasher madness but you have to be nightfall and you can only use ability and ability cooldown is 2 seconds and you dont get stuck at end )

Gamemode 6: Boss Fight ( Fight the evil rachjumper! Defeat him! People who survive this gamemode get an exclusive slasher, the rachjumper slasher! This gamemode is very rare, so don't get carried away. )

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