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The gamepasses in Before The Dawn vary from being able to choose your own slasher, to always have the ghost ability. This page lists all of the gamepasses as of March 2016.

2x Points Rate + 4x Slasher Rate

(2x Points Rate 250 Robux, 4x Slasher Rate 1250 Robux)

These gameasses do exactly what they say, 2x Points Rate gives you double the points you usually get from winning as a slasher or surviving as a survivor.

Orinthian Lamp + Rainbow Lamp + Headlamp

(Both Lamps 100 Robux, Headlamp is 75 Robux)

These gamepasses give you a lamp, while not being the thing you would want most, the lamps are different from the main lamp or the community lamp. The Orinthian Lamp emits an eerie blue light, the Rainbow Lamp emits a colorful light that changes colors every few seconds, and the Headlamp behaves like a normal lamp, but it shines from your head and further in front of you.


(500 Robux)

The VIP gamepass gives you double chance to play as the slasher, a 50% increase in points you earn, and an exclusive golden lamp which shines the brightest out of all of the lamps. It also stacks with the 2x Point Rate gamepass and the 4x Slasher Rate gamepass. This gamepass is a must have.

Choose Your Slasher

(250 Robux)

The Choose Your Slasher gamepass gives you the ability to choose your slasher when you are randomly picked, it gives you a menu where you can choose a slasher. It is great for when a new slasher comes out and you want to pick it. (Best used if you have 4x Slasher Rate + VIP)

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Unlock all Survivor Gear

(250 Robux)

The gamepass is self explanatory, when you buy it, you never have to buy survivor gear again! When you are given the option to pick your gear, there is no price lock, you just pick it! (Note: you still have to buy abilities.)

Permanently Unlock Ghosting

(150 Robux)

This gamepass is also very explanatory, whenever you die as a survivor you have the option to spectate, or to ghost. But you have to pay 200 points for ghosting, when you buy this gamepass you have it permanently unlocked so you don't have to waste 200 points getting ghosting every round.

Lit Pack

(500 Robux)

This gamepass is simply a pack of lamps for the game. It contains a glowstick, 2 old styled lamps, a lighter and a torch.

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