Heroes save lives, which is mostly their purpose in BTD. As a hero, you act as the protagonist as you save the survivors from the slasher and aid in their escape.

Before The Dawn will not feature any game characters, this game is only limited to movie and/or real life Heroes, or mythology. Skins from all genres will be allowed

If you want your idea on the poll, comment and someone will add your idea to the poll.

If your idea is buried deep in the comment section, or if its current home in the comment section can't fit its complexity, fear not. Frequently Ayyywadup will add individual info pages to each hero idea.

Note-When adding your idea, please include info about the hero in the comment.

You can look at the special websites made for highly requested heroes as a reference as to how your comment should look like

Highly Requested Heroes:

Special Operations -

Scientist -

Engineer -

No more heroes will be added until further notice Edit

Which Heroic Hero would you MOST like to see in the game?

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