The Engineer

The Engineer Edit

Fearing his worst creation, The Exterminator, The engineer has stepped out of his woods to stop what he had created. Nobody but the engineer knows generators better than him. He's worked with machines inside and out and right at the guts of oil. The engineer has decided to finally stop hiding, and prevent his worst creation from harming others.

Game play mechanics

Passive ability: Wrench - Can repair generators 2x faster than other players or can use it to "Whack" the slasher and make the slasher trip and fall and knocks back the slasher to a random distance(Basically stun except the slasher also falls down.) "Whack" has 2 second cool down. Wrench has very short range due to shortness in real life.

Ability: Instantly repair a generator, has 60 second cool down

Skins: TF2 RED Engineer, TF2 BLUE Engineer, TF2 RED ROBOT Engineer, TF2 BLUE ROBOT Engineer, Steam punk, Cyborg, Bob the builder

Skin rarity:

TF2 RED Engineer-Uncommon

TF2 BLUE Engineer-Uncommon

TF2 RED ROBOT Engineer-Rare

TF2 BLUE ROBOT Engineer-Rare

Steam Punk-Ultra Rare

Cyborg-Ultra Rare

Bob the Builder-Legendary