Who is the most OP slasher? Edit

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The title for the most OP slasher in Before The Dawn is highly opinionated. It really depends on your play style. If you like to be more in your face with a high DPS output, well then the Nightmare is for you. If you like to be sneaky and unnoticed, well then the Ghoul or the Hunter is for you. The title could go to anyone at this point, but for me, the truly greatest slasher in all areas would go to the Supreme Commander. Some people may be scratching their heads and wondering how this could be. I to would do the same, however, I am not talking about the base Supreme Commander, I am actually talking about the Ultra Rare "Old Master" skin. The old master is really good in just about everything (except for stealth, but who needs stealth anyway?). He could be a really "in your face"if you want him to be, with his 25 damage output capable of 2-4 shotting players. He's also fairly fast and could run down nimble survivors with relative ease. His ability, force choke, allows him to close the distance very fast, as his victims float in the air unable to move. He also has his own special dialogue and is generally a cool looking character. So in my opinion, the most OP slasher in all of Before the Dawn definitely go to the Supreme Commander "Old Master".