The Murderer is a cliche killer inspired by the Friday the 13th movies, where the Murderer (Jason Voorhees) brutally murders multiple camp councilors.

Jason Voorhees was a child who drowned at Camp Crystal Lake being neglected by his camp counselors. He returned years later for vengeance.

Description Edit

The Murderer kills using any weapon at his disposal but uses his signature weapon, the machete, to murder people in this game. He also wears a hockey mask to shield his horribly disfigured face.

He attacks with his machete, which causes you to bleed heavily after hit. Paired with this, his ability is "rage", which sends him into a mad frenzy where his speed increases and he sees only red, can guarantee that he will kill you if he catches you.

Ability Edit

The Murderer's ability is called "Rage". Rage allows you to go into a mad frenzy, which boosts your speed and damage. your vision also becomes red, showing your bloodthirsty eyes.

Strategy Edit

Try to conserve your ability for when you really need it, as with some skins (Nightfall for example), the cooldown can take forever. Since it takes four swings to kill (with the default skin), you shouldnt have too much trouble beating the survivors to a bloody pulp.

Avoiding Edit

The Murderer can be very annoying at times, but something you want to look out for is his machete. His machete creates a trail of sorts as he moves, and it glows so you can easily pick him out in the dark. On top of that, you want to listen for the music that plays when he activates rage.

When it comes to skins with a short cooldown and shorter ability (i.e. Tartarus), The Murderer becomes incredibly difficult to outrun. Even when you stun them, they will be able to track your location and rush back with their ability again. Your best bet is to use stun as a diversion.